Restaurant Training MAGIC!

Do you ever wonder why some restaurants seem to continually thrive?

– You know what I’m talking about…

– They are THE place in town that everyone is talking about…and raving about.

– They seem to attract new customers at will.

– They don’t need to spend a boatload of cash on advertising to fill their establishments on a consistent basis.

– They attract their new customers by good old fashioned “word of mouth” recommendations and referrals.

– They don’t suffer the “ups and downs” that most restaurants are constantly battling.

– They somehow manage to avoid the headaches of high wait staff turnover…sometimes referred to as the “churn.”

– Their menu prices are above the “average” yet their customers continue to return happily paying higher prices…and leave with smiles on their faces already planning their next visits.

If I’m describing your restaurant there’s a good chance that you don’t need to continue reading…

But, if this all sounds too good to be true then stay with me for just a couple of minutes.


Ask yourself this…

What if I could show you how to quickly –

– Increase your ticket average by 10 – 15 – 20% and more;

– Or translated into dollars — $10,000 — $30,000 — $50,000 more in profits per year.

– Increase customer satisfaction;

– Reduce chaos in your dining room at busy times;

– Reduce your labor costs;

…and boost return visits while generating a steady stream of referrals from your existing customers.


I’m guessing that you’d likely sleep a little better, enjoy heading to the “office” a lot more, and end your day excited instead of flat out exhausted.

That all sounds good doesn’t it?


But, here’s the thing…

You and I both know you have done everything in your power to create a profitable dining establishment:

– You’ve streamlined your food costs, your fixed costs, and your labor costs.

– You have established your menu prices.

– Your customers love the food you serve.

– You feel you have hired a great team.  


But, at the end of the day, do you find yourself still scratching your head over how to bring up that bottom line and generate the profits you deserve from all of your hard work?


Imagine increasing your ticket averages by 10 – 15 – 20% or more without changing anything – not your food, your prices, or your staff – just by revealing a few simple super productive dining room service skills that even your shyest waitperson can naturally implement quickly and easily?  What’s important is how those few skills are ORIENTED for them.

What would be the impact on your bottom line if you were able to quickly lower your labor costs significantly by introducing your wait staff to a set of “Power Tools” that you already have available in your restaurant?

What if you were consistently hearing accolades about your great service (your servers) from your customers while nearly eliminating complaints in your restaurant


Statistics show that every bad review costs you 12 customers!


You can’t afford and quite frankly don’t need to lose customers and sales because of a few bad reviews about your restaurant.

65% to 85% of restaurant complaints are service-related issues…that can be easily and quickly solved and eliminated without investing a ton of time and energy and money.


I can help you take your restaurant and your profits to the next level…you can be the restaurant that continually thrives as I described above.

What’s the difference between a restaurant that “thrives” and a restaurant that just “survives” or even barely gets by?


The secret is training…professional training that isn’t just about the “hows” but also the “whys” of dining room service.


Of course your wait staff needs to know how to provide amazing service…that’s a “no brainer.”  I have trained hundreds of “ordinary” waiters and waitresses to become EXTRAORDINARY in our industry.  I will help your staff as well, and I love doing it!

But, even a well-trained team can struggle if they aren’t sold on the “why” they should come to work every day to provide “over the top” service to the customers that you have worked so hard to attract.


I train your staff on both the “how” and the “why” when it comes to providing the highest level of professional service to your customers. 


It’s what I do.

And I do it with unmatched passion.


My name is Mark Wallisa and I’m the founder and owner of Restaurant Training Magic.

I train the Cores of waitpeople.  I was formally trained by well-heeled European Professionals 40+ years ago, and this training stands timeless, then, now and always.

My hands-on experience with all forms of cuisine – breakfast, lunch, and dinner – throughout these years has produced a realization of common threads of great service.  These deeply engrained threads are the physical and psychological “Power Tools.”

These are simple but amazing Golden Secrets that have come from having physical presence in the dining room thousands of times and NOW I want YOU to benefit from them.

These are timeless but mysteriously all-too-forgotten “tools of the trade” – they are the Truths of the Trade!

Ironically, good and great service is actually easier than bad or mediocre service…and I not only tell but show new waitpeople, or those in need of “refreshing” exactly why to use and how to use these valuable tools.


I Guarantee Results.

My formulas are tried and true and have been specifically designed to help you be more profitable through the service aspect of the Big Three (Food, Ambiance, and Service, of course).


Allow me to help you train your wait staff and you’ll be able to measure the outcome you receive.

First, as the owner, you’ll generate higher profits due to increased sales, higher margins and more repeat business.

Second, your waitperson will increase their gratuity income quickly and consistently resulting in lower turnover, enthusiastic service and true desire to be the best in their field.


By mastering the simple secrets I teach, your waitperson will be able to give him or herself their own “raises” by taking an active role in increasing your sales and the resulting higher percentage tip income.


If you will give me your wait staff for just 4 hours, I will teach them –

– How to make you more money;

– How to replace average or even bad service habits with great ones!

– How to think differently about their job;

– How to increase their own income at will;

– And finally, I’ll return you a team member that takes pride in their work, pride in their skill and most importantly, pride in working at your establishment.


If you have read this far, you’re probably wondering how much this type of training will cost


I’ve kept your investment to a low, really low $97 per waitperson you choose to have attend my training.

Ask yourself this…what would happen if your newly oriented waitperson could increase your average ticket per diner by just $1…or $2…or $5…day after day, week after week, and month after month.

Check out the example below…and then plug in your own numbers so you can see the impact of even a small increase in your average ticket per diner…

If you serve 700 dinners/week

X $2/dinner = $1400/week X 50 weeks

= $70,000/year minus $23,100 (33% food cost)

= $46,900 increased profit.

Do your own math and you’ll understand why investing $97/waitperson for a half day “Restaurant Training Magic” session is a smart decision leading to a terrific return on your investment.



Here’s what is included in my workshops and on-premise seminars

Workshops Include:

1. Tools and Secrets revealed with hands-on practice;

2. Delicious plated entrée and beverage (ALSO interactive – served and cleared for everyone by me);

3. Continued practice and Profitable Applications of the tools and secrets suited to every mode of cuisine (Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner);

4. “Take Away Playbook” highlighting and reviewing all the materials covered; 

5. Take away Surprise Cardinal Tool;

6. Classes are limited to 12 people for optimum personalized attention.



On-Premise Seminars Include:

All of the above – PLUS:

1. Extensive highlights from your actual seminar on DVD;

2. Special rates for groups of 6 or more;

— Note:  Lunch is optional in on-premise seminars. The seminar without lunch offers different interactive instruction with the same principles covered. 



Here’s what to do next…

If you are serious about becoming a restaurant that continually thrives (of course you are) and/or you are ready to give your wait staff the boost they need to take your already successful restaurant to the next level, here’s what you need to do next:


Call me for a short (15 minutes or so) personal conversation. 

I’ll ask you a couple of quick questions, tell you exactly how I can help you, and I’ll answer any questions that you have.

If we both decide that my training system is a good match for you and your team, we’ll schedule your training session at your establishment or one of my selected training locations right here in Charlotte County.


Prefer email?

Send me an email with “How” in the subject line and I’ll send you the information you need to make a good decision right away to “lend” me your waitpeople and have them returned “with interest.”


If you’re ready to take your restaurant service and profits to the next level, go ahead and give me a call at:  720-235-6134

Or send me a quick email at and I’ll promptly get you the info you need.


Highest regards,

Mark B. Wallisa – Founder and Owner

Restaurant Training Magic


“Grassroots Wait Training That Immediately Increases Your Sales, Profits and Return Customers!”

P.S.  Increasing your sales and profits while generating a steady stream of new customers, referrals and repeat visits is easier than you may think.  Call me or send me a quick email and I’ll prove it for you.


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